BP40 CREATIVE prides itself on owning and operating a broad spectrum of high end cinema equipment. All gear is insured and tested prior to bringing on set to ensure a smooth shooting experience. Contact for complete gear list.
Xelmus Apollo Anamorphic Lenses
BP40 CREATIVE Full Frame Xelmus Apollo Anamorphic Cinema Lenses
Zeiss Supreme Radiance Lenses
BP40 CREATIVE Zeiss Supreme Radiance Full Frame Prime Cinema Lenses
Cooke Varotal FF Zoom Lenses
BP40 CREATIVE Full Frame Cooke Cinema Zoom Lenses
BP40 Camera Rig
BTS of MasterBuilt Soft Flare Lens Test
BP40 Rafael Nadal BTS
BTS of Photo Shoot for ATP (pictured: Rafael Nadal)
BP40 BTS Harlem Globetrotters
BP40 green screen lighting and cinematography for Harlem Globetrotters
BP40 Creative LED Wall Product Shoot
BP40 RED V-Raptor on robot arm for Asus laptop product shoot
Camera Equipment Cart BP40 Loaded
BP40 camera cart fully loaded
BP40 Cooke Varotal RED V-Raptor
BP40 on set for McDonalds Product Shoot
BP40 Creative Interview Setip
BP40 CREATIVE BTS interview setup with Canon C300 mk iii and EyeDirect mk ii
JabrielFilms operating BP40 Movi
JabrielFilms operating BP40 Movi Pro Rig
BP40 Movi Op
BP40 operating Movi Pro with Canon C300 mk iii and Zeiss Supreme Radiance lens
BP40 Sprinter Van Unpacking
BP40 unloading Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van for the shoot


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